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How Do I Become A Prospective Member?

To become a prospective member,  you will have to attend our Prospective Member Meeting held at the start of every semester. We look for students who demonstrate academic excellence, who can work as effective team members, and who have a sincere desire to give back to the community. We encourage interaction with your professors, fellow classmates, and our members. You must have completed Petrophysics (PETR2311) and have a cumulative GPA >3.25 to become a prospect.

How Do I Become A Member?

To become a full fledged member, you will have to complete various steps throughout an entire semester discussed during the Prospective Member Meeting. Our members are held to the highest standards and must show the organization that you are fully committed by attending meetings, volunteer events, workshops, and demonstrating your sociability throughout the pledge semester.

The Point System

Every prospective member must accumulate a minimum of 70 points in 1 semester to become a full fledged member. The point system is further discussed during the Prospective Member Meeting. The prospective member with the highest amount of points at the end of their pledge semester will receive free membership and a PiET shirt.